DiscoveryPlus Video Downloader for Windows

DiscoveryPlus Video Downloader (Windows)

Store Discovery+ content as local MP4 or MKV files and watch them offline with ease

  • Download Discovery+ Video in 1080P
  • Convert Discovery+ Video as MP4/MKV
  • Save Multi-language Subtitles and Audio Tracks
  • High-Speed Batch Download Feature
  • Three subtitle modes, two video codec options(H.264, H.265)
  • Free Technical Support & Software Updates
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*Note:This program is for personal use only.

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The Must-Have tool for Swimming in Discovery+

Works for both Discovery+ Ad-free and Ad-supported users.

Download Videos in Bulk Quickly

Fast Download Full HD Discovery+ Videos

SameMovie supports downloading Discovery+ video in high quality, up to 1080P resolution, which makes video look stunning when you play it on your TV, smartphones, tablets, etc. Even in places where there is no Internet or weak network signal, you can watch high-definition videos offline at will.

After adopting new technology, it once again refreshed the download speed record - takes 20 minutes to download a movie. If you want to download videos at a faster speed, it is available to enable the hardware acceleration, which will significantly reduce the download time.

Save Videos in MP4/MKV Format

If you want to watch Discovery+ videos offline on any device, look no further than SameMovie. It can directly save videos in a widely-accepted MP4 or MKV format, and you don't need to use additional software to convert video formats.

With SameMovie, you can easily play videos in MP4 or MKV format on different devices. The downloaded videos can be moved to SD Card and USB Drive as well. You can also upload the video to a web drive, enabling you to share the video file with others.

save discovery plus videos as mp4/mkv files
download subtitles files and audio tracks

Retain Multilingual Subtitles and Audio Tracks

SameMovie DiscoveryPlus Video Downloader takes the demand for users to choose their output settings. You can:

  • Preserve audio in multiple languages.
  • Save audio description (if available) to provide an accessible viewing experience for visually impaired or blind viewers
  • Choose different types of subtitles: internal, external or hardcode subtitles, depending on the viewing device.
  • Download video, audio or subtitles separately.

Advanced Video Codec Technology

In order to provide users with a better viewing experience, SameMovie Discovery+ Video Downloader provides two video codec options for users to choose from: H.264 and H.265. They are high-performance video coding technologies.

  • H.264: High-quality and smooth video can be downloaded, and it will also greatly save users' download time and data traffic costs while downloading.
  • H.265: It has a better effect and higher compression efficiency, lower transmission bit rate and better video quality.
Advanced Video Coding Technology
download ad-free videos from discovery plus

Download Ad-Free Videos from Discovery Plus

With its comprehensive functions, SameMovie comes in handy to any Discovery+ subscribers. Even if you have a commercials-supported plan, SameMovie allows you to:

  • Download ads-free videos for a more coherent viewing experience.
  • Enjoy videos offline on any device you ever wanted.
  • Save the video permanently so that the content can be streamed at any time
Can I Download Videos with Ad-supported Plan?

Keep Complete Video Information

SameMovie has intelligently included a feature to save video metadata in case users need to verify the details of the downloaded video at any moment, including the year of the video, the number of episodes, the shooting time, duration and so on.

This information can help users find video content quickly, providing a better browsing and searching experience. Not only that, video metadata can be used to categorize, archive and manage videos, making the management of video libraries more organized and efficient.

Keep Entirely Video Information

Enjoy Discovery+, an essential tool for relaxing viewing!

Blazing fast download speed, stable's all included!

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Unique Features to be Revealed

Smart search engine

Its smart search engine allows you to quickly find videos using their names or keywords without downloading the Discovery+ app.

SRT files

If you want to edit the subtitles yourself, you can choose to save the subtitles as an SRT file of external subtitles.

Free update

SameMovie is constantly being upgraded for free to fix problems, improve functionality, and enhance performance.

Batch download

SameMovie can group episodes and seasons automatically in order that you can download multiple videos, even an entire season with ease.

Download process control

A pause/continue button is provided, so that you can pause the download process at any time and download at a convenient time.

Multilingual user interface

SameMovie offers up to 20 language interfaces, allowing users to search, download, etc. in the language they are familiar with.

How It Works

(For more detailed tutorial, please refer to Online Help.)

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